Docs-site refresh: New look, new brand, and more


Today, we released several updates to Cloud Observability’s documentation site. The updates focus on improving your documentation experience, including reworking the site’s look and feel, sidebar, and more.

Read the sections below to learn more about the updates, why we did them, and what they mean for you.

Rebranding Lightstep to Cloud Observability

As of August 31, 2023, Lightstep is now ServiceNow Cloud Observability. The rebrand is part of a larger initiative to further integrate products and better meet your needs.

In the documentation, you’ll see the Cloud Observability name, icon, and refreshed brand colors. The content remains largely the same – you don’t have to learn anything new to keep using Cloud Observability.

Reworking the sidebar

To help you find the information you need and discover new content, we reworked the documentation sidebar.

The new sidebar features the same content, but it’s shorter and easier to skim. It also groups content by action (for example, Get started, Monitor, and Investigate) and documentation type (for example, Concepts). Finally, at a high level, the new sidebar restructures content to better highlight what Cloud Observability can do for you.

Old ✨New✨
Get started with Lightstep Observability
Send metrics to Lightstep
Monitor Kubernetes applications
Instrument for tracing
Query your data
Visualize your data
Monitor performance
Alert on data
Investigate root causes
View service health
Set up and manage Microsatellites
Monitor and tune Lightstep Observability
Administer Lightstep Observability
Lightstep API
Classic Lightstep features
Early Access docs
Get started
Send data to Cloud Observability
Query and visualize
Set up and manage microsatellites
Administer Cloud Observability
Use the Cloud Observability API
Classic Cloud Observability features
Early access docs
Metrics integrations

Refreshing the look and feel 🎨

The new look and feel refreshes the site’s colors, styling, and more. With those changes, we aimed to do the following:

  • Give you a more seamless experience, bringing the documentation closer to the product’s style.
  • Make the documentation visually easier and more pleasant to read.
  • Bring some delight into your documentation experience – check out the animations on the landing page and the new diagram styles.

Integrating API documentation

Finally, we moved the Cloud Observability API documentation from a third-party tool into our own site. That change gives us more control over the content and styling, helping us improve your API experience.

Keep an eye on the API documentation for upcoming visual and content improvements.

Let us know what you think!

Even with all these changes, documentation is never done. We’re always releasing new content and reworking existing content to better meet your needs.

Visit the changelog to stay up to date with the latest, and send us your feedback below to help us improve your documentation experience. We want to hear from you! 💌

Updated Aug 31, 2023