Get Started

Start using Lightstep by instrumenting your services and then use that span and trace data in Lightstep for root cause analysis and to monitor performance.

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Auto-Instrument Your Framework

Auto-instrumentation provides out-of-the-box tracing of popular frameworks (such as Django and Spring), common protocols (HTTP, gRPC) and data store drivers (MySQL, MongoDB). You can see traces in Lightstep almost immediately.

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Understand Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing provides a view of the life of a request as it travels across multiple hosts and services communicating over various protocols. With distributed tracing implemented, you have a window into performance at every step in the request.

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Quick Start: Instrumentation

Learn how to instrument your app for distributed tracing using OpenTracing and Lightstep.

Learning Path

Resolve an Incident

Use Lightstep to quickly create a hypothesis about the root cause of a performance incident.

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Typical Workflows Using Lightstep

Learn how to use Lightstep for many of your daily activities