Monitor Collector health

Once you’ve installed and configured your OpenTelemetry Collectors, you can monitor them to ensure they are sending data and are correctly configured. The Collector health page allows you to view each Collector sending data to Cloud Observability and the pods they are running in.

Collector health page

This page displays pods only if you are running your Collectors in a Kubernetes environment.

When you see an issue, you can view the metrics from the Collectors in the pre-built Collector dashboard. Pre-built Collector dashboard

This dashboard works best if you’ve followed our Quickstart to install and run Collectors in Kubernetes.

Monitor Collectors

You access the Collector health page from Organization settings.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Organization settings and then Collectors.
    The page shows each Collector (the number in parenthesis is the number of pods running the Collector), its version, the time it was last started, and the time it last emitted data.

  2. Expand the Collector’s row to view the individual pods running that Collector.

    The pod view is only available if you are running your Collectors in a Kubernetes environment.

  3. Click the More ( ⋮ ) icon to view the Collector in the pre-built K8s OpenTelemetry Collectors dashboard, filtered to the service and pod (if you navigate to the dashboard from a pod row).

    If you haven’t already created this dashboard, it’s created for you. If you have more than one of these dashboards, your taken to the Dashboard list view, where you can choose one to open.

Troubleshoot Collectors

If your Collectors are not sending data, or seem to be sending incorrect data, read the following topics:

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Updated Jan 30, 2024