You did it!

In this Learning Path, you learned how to integrate the Lightstep Services Change Report GitHub action to your GitHub workflow in three different scenarios. Now when a deploy is successful or an issue is labeled as a bug, Lightstep takes a Snapshot of performance of all services in the current commit and compares it with the most recent snapshot in Lightstep Observability. If there are changes in performance, you can click the links into Lightstep Observability to start investigating the regression.

You also learned how to use the action to determine if any committed code violates pre-defined conditions.

The flexibility of the Services Change Report means you can have observability in your CI/CD workflow wherever you need it. The more snapshots you take during software development, the more opportunities you have to understand how a code change is impacting your service, without having to leave GitHub. Consider using the action in any part of your workflow you find you’re changing tabs from GitHub to a dashboard!