Use OpenTracing for Instrumentation

The OpenTracing API provides a standard, vendor-neutral framework for instrumentation of your code. It consists of an API specification, frameworks, and libraries that have implemented the specification.

Already Instrumented

If you’ve already instrumented your system, but were using another backend or tracing library, no worries! Lightstep can ingest that instrumentation with almost no additional code needed.

Lightstep can ingest the following instrumentation:


Instrumenting a common framework or library in your distributed system can rapidly put you on a path to greater visibility into your application. This auto-instrumentation provides out-of-the-box tracing of popular frameworks (such as Django and Spring), common protocols (HTTP, gRPC) and data store drivers (MySQL, MongoDB). Simply configure the tracer and see requests travel through those components as full distributed traces in Lightstep. We offer the following Auto-Installers for instrumentation:

Manual Installation

Updated Dec 1, 2019