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Monitor Service Health After a Deployment

Use Lightstep to monitor service performance after a deployment to catch regressions and other issues quickly.

Product Docs

Product Docs

Create Dashboards from Streams

Group multiple Lightstep Streams to create a dashboard.

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Integrate with Grafana Using the Lightstep Plugin

Integrate and see Lightstep dashboards in Grafana. Clicking a Lightstep dashboard in Grafana takes you directly to Lightstep where you can continue your investigation.

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Lightstep Integrations

Lightstep integrates with leading cloud-native technologies, service meshes for microservices, and enterprise data visualization and collaboration tools. These turnkey integrations make it easy to deploy Lightstep across large-scale production systems so users get the unrivaled performance insights it provides when they need it and as part of their standard, established workflows.

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Monitor a Service Level Indicator with Streams

Create Streams to view historical span and trace data and monitor your services.